Our personalized attitude towards every need of yours add up to our abilities in providing you concierge services that manages and help you reach out to places & occasions that are often counted as an additional task. Be at ease and leave the most necessary & essential dealings of your trip to us. You never know when we turn to you with a surprise visit to a celebration not listed in your diaries.

The basics like making restaurant reservations, arranging for spa services, recommending nightclubs, booking transportation (cab-services, airplanes etc.), procurement of tickets to special events and assisting you with various travel arrangements and tours of local attractions is offered as mandatory from us. So, be it a strange request, untimely desire or a crazy wish, our tailored and dedicated concierge service deals with everything in equal measure leaving you flattered always.

We provide tailor made package to make your weekend memorable; for further information please do not hesitate to contact us at sales@hotelflyview.com or call us on +91 9782100295


Typical village rustic look landscaped over 10 acres of land; glimpse a village fair which is created every evening as an ongoing celebration of the rich & vibrant culture heritage of Rajasthan.

Special Attraction:
  • Live Music & Fold Dance
  • The Magic Show, the puppet show, acrobatics on bamboo wihtout net beneath.
  • The Artificial forest with roars sounds of animals and tribes, boating, horse riding, camel riding, elephant
  • Riding and wooden swings.
  • Ayurveda champi massage
  • Team of astrologers to predict your future & Parrot Fortune tailor with cards.
  • Typical Rajasthani food, served on a leaf platter in the tradition of Manuhaar.


The Ajmer Dargah represents India's real tryst with religion, where it does not matter whether a saint is a Muslim or a Hindu, a Sikh or a Christian; where it only matters that he was an enlightened man. Ajmer is the place where only faith matters and that faith is represented by the paradoxical delicacy of the threads tied to the shrine of a Sufi saint.

What we offer:

  • AC car to Dargah (To & from)
  • Guide ( If required)


Pushkar is full of temples, great and small, that is why it is called the town of temples. It has mentioned in Rigveda that there are 3,339 devtas (gods). While Puranas has mentioned 330 million gods. Thus one can assume that there is one god on every three hindus. (around 900 million hindus on this earth). It is believed that Pushkar was on of the favoured places for Devtas to visit, which why a pantheon of gods have made there are then 400 temple in and around Pushkar.


Also held each November at the time of the Kartik Purnima full moon, Pushkar Camel Fair is one of India’s most highly-rated travel experiences, a spectacle on an epic scale, attracting more than 11,000 camels, horses and cattle and visited by over 400,000 people over a period of around fourteen days.

For visitors it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to witness the colour, spectacle and carnival of one of the last great traditional melas, which brings livestock, farmers, traders and villagers from all over Rajasthan. We believe that every aspect of such an experience should be special.

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